Saturday, October 4, 2014

The big dog photo post, to get it out of my system, before we resume normal programming

Looking back through my photos of the past month or so, one thing dominates. This furry beast who has brought so much joy to our family. 
Well, everyone except for the cat. Elodie is not happy about Skylar. Still not happy. But I think she's just going to have to suck it up.

I made Skylar another coat out of knit fabrics... it turned out a bit big and floppy. It keeps her warm but Andy calls it 'her nightie' and insists it will never leave the house.
 She also likes to 'wear' this crocheted rug and will happily cruise the house in it.
 She helps me with sewing.
I fully realise not everyone will be as besotted with our dog as we are. I think my parents find her vaguely annoying. I don't always like other people's dogs. It's okay. But I have to do this doggy bloggy post because Skylar is making me - all of us -  very happy right now.

Andy loves her so much he was inspired to make her a toy: this felt bone (with bonus meaty bits). I did the sewing but he did all the rest. He said 'Now I can throw her a frick'n bone every morning'... so this has henceforth been known as 'the frick'n bone'.

 Skylar likes the frick'n bone.

Below is the photo I sent to the Dog and Cat Management Board to go on her official Green Collar card, which shows that she has passed her Green Collar test and is allowed to walk in public without a muzzle on. Hooray! No more face cage or coat with 'L-plates'. Look at those little whiskers! Good lord, I could eat her up.

Such a sweetie.

Clem quote: "I want to marry my dog!"
Charlie quote: "How did I survive for 13 years without a dog?"

Okay, enough now. Time to press 'publish' and go to bed.

- Jane x


  1. Such a wonderful post!! Your dog is absolutely adorable!!! Rather spoiled for sure!!! : ) Have a beautiful weekend!!

    ~ Wendy

    1. Hi Wendy, my email reply to you did not go through for some reason so replying here! Thank you for the Skylar-love. And thank you for the introduction to your lovely blog, too :)

  2. Skylar looks absolutely lovely! What a lucky dog to have found you! (and vice versa of course)

  3. She is lovely. Greyhounds are such a beautiful breed, aren't they? (My uncle used to breed them - they make such wonderful pets)

  4. I usually just lurk here but such a wonderful post deserves a comment. That last photo is a keeper. My niece has just adopted a grey hound and he is a gorgeous as Skylar. A dog makes a family complete.

  5. Keep 'em comin' as far as I'm concerned! I think it's so great when people who haven't had dogs get one. Your boys' sweet comments perfectly demonstrate why.

  6. She is such a perfect addition to your family! It's like she's always been there!
    I'm intrigued by this green collar thing...I've never heard of that before and we don't have anything like it here.
    PS - I stuck the little thread in the mail early last week o hopefully it'll get to you shortly

  7. I LOVE this post! Best not let my two see it though as they are still desperate for a doggy. Interesting about the green collar thing, we don't have anything like that in the UK, would be a good idea to have it though as there are some very badly behaved dogs out there, I went for a run a while ago and a lady asked me if I could stop whilst she called her dog back as he 'doesn't like runners' and 'might try to give me a little nip' she still couldn't get him back after 15mins of calling as he'd run off ahead into the woods, which she informed me he often does. I mean, really?!! Bet Skylar wouldn't try to nip anyone, butter wouldn't melt, if the photos are anything to go by. Bethxx

  8. She is lovely and i bet she sleeps all night!


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