Monday, August 25, 2014

I have a girl to sew for!

Okay, so she may be on the furry, four-legged side of girliness. But that won't be stopping me.
 This is Skylar (in handmade reversible coat and linen cowl, ahem). We picked her up on Friday afternoon from GAP - the Greyhound Adoption Program of SA - through their Foster to Adopt program. We've never had a dog before and it could have been dicey introducing one to our cat and chickens, so this was a kind of try-before-you-buy option.
 But heck, she's going nowhere.
Except back on her lovely cushion with Andy's slippers that she stole from the bedroom.
Skylar is 16 months old and was bred to race, but was apparently never interested. She's not very interested in chasing our cat or chickens either, yay! In fact Elodie the cat had her bailed up in Charlie and Jasper's bedroom last night, and Skylar was trying to hide her head in a drawer and pretend she wasn't there while waiting for her people to come and rescue her.
 Greyhounds evidently make fabulous pets. I've been campaigning the family for one for some years. Finally it seemed like the right time. On top of all the other fabulous things about these dogs, they have very little body fat and therefore actually need doggy coats and such loveliness. What fun! I traced a basic pattern off the L-Plate 'greyhound pet in training' walking jacket that came along with her as part of the fostering process and I'm sure I'll tweak the pattern in future.
Welcome to our family, Skylar!

- Jane x


  1. Very cute. She is going to be the most fashionable dog in town :)

  2. Gorgeous isn't she? How convenient that you chose a breed that needs coats.

  3. Oh my gosh, I LOVE HER!!! Look at that face! Love. Congratulations, what a lovely addition to your family. And it sounds like she'll be very well loved (and clothed).

  4. It's a girl!! And oh my gosh, does she look sweet! That face! Those eyes! She's going to be a great addition to your family!

  5. She is absolutely adorable. You will not regret it. Funny I have three daughters and we adopted a boy rescue dog. ( not a greyhound but he can run fast ) . Glad about the chickens - our dog would love to chase ours and I just would not trust him.he is nervous around cats but happily have a go at large Rottweilers! Have lots of fun and love with your new family member.

  6. She looks like such a sweetheart xxx

  7. Oh she is soooooo lovely and a greyhound is my (dream) dog of choice, always has been. I'd stretch to a lurcher if I had to but I know that ex-racers etc need new homes badly and that they make such wonderful pets (generally very gentle dogs....although if they see a rabbit out in the open then they can fair move). My uncle has two lovely greyhounds and my sister ended up adopting her father-in-laws. I hope it continues to go well, but how perfect to 'try before you buy' as it were, and know she fits in well with the rest of the pets. Bethx

  8. PS fab fabric choice for the coat, I have some of that stashed away somewhere....perhaps I need a greyhound to sew for ;)


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