Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Warning: ridiculously picture-heavy post! Also, giant inflatable whale boobs.

Artist Patricia Piccinini's Skywhale came to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens for the Adelaide Festival - it was about a month ago now and I'm only just getting around to posting about this beautiful day.

The Skywhale was a massive, gorgeous, peaceful presence and the weather seemed to embrace her with mild sun and stillness. When we could tear ourselves away from the giant air-mammal, we set off to explore the new wetlands that have been built in a reclaimed piece of land right next to the gardens. Here, stormwater is being collected and filtered and stored as a resource to supply the water needs of the gardens; it is hoped that within a few years, it will be enough to water the whole gardens.

These are the kinds of things that make me hopeful for my children's future. Heaven knows there's enough to feel sad and angry about in our country right now. Sorry to wax political. I Marched in March. But I want to keep my eyes, and my heart, on the positive things, too.

Hmm... that ended up being a bit more than pretty pictures and hot-air boobies, didn't it?

- Jane x


  1. Wow, you definitely got my attention with those giant inflated hot-air whale boobies!! And the wetland - that is simply awesome. You do know I'm an environmental and land use attorney, right? I spend quite a lot of time thinking about wetlands - how to save them, how to mitigate harm to them, how to process stormwater, how to irrigate in a drought-prone part of the world, etc. I love projects like the one you describe here! Lovely. Also, as always, your kids are radiant! The older boys are getting so ... much older! So big and mature looking!

  2. Wow the wetland looks fantastic! We loved living in Adelaide, there are so many great things there. Great pics.

  3. I saw the bit about 'giant inflatable whale boobs' before the photos had loaded - how funny, I was totally intrigued and not at all disappointed. Sounds (and looks) like a fantastic day out and some lovely photos. Bethx


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