Thursday, April 10, 2014

Factory Dresses, horses and smiling coffee

Do you ever look back over your recent photos and wonder how to cobble together some sort of cohesive blog post about it all? Well, as the title above suggests I have pretty much given up on the cohesiveness. Moving right along.
This is my second version of the Merchant & Mills Factory Dress pattern. I do love me a good sack dress, and this one is quite possibly a little unflatteringly sack-ish but I rather like in anyhow and will probably wear it lots and lots. And lots. It feels so practical, yet neat.

 It's made in the most fabulous hemp/organic cotton/wool fabric that I had stashed from last year but we have just managed to get in again at The Drapery. I had 1.5m of it and had just enough for all pieces except the in-seam pockets. So I took the opportunity to use a bit of Oakshott 'Magic Pink'... ooh. Magic pockets!
You may have seen my first version of the Factory Dress, below, on The Drapery blog. I left the second version at full length, it just seemed to suit it better.

Blue Steel

This weekend past we went on a little horse ride up in the hills at Four Oaks, which was a bit completely idyllic. It was a trial run for our upcoming holiday in New Zealand (eep, yes, a holiday, and even one requiring passports!). We're booked on a trail ride into some stunning Lord of the Rings scenery and wanted to make sure the boys (Clem in particular) would be okay with it. Fortunately Clem handled it with great confidence and even got to brush his pony down and feed it a carrot at the end. Now for the other ten thousand things to tick off the list before we go!
There's the smiling coffee, as promised. Completely unintentional. I am the worst coffee 'artist' in the world.

I add in these photos because they make me laugh - oh just look at our three kids on a handmade rug outdoors enjoying a book together! I just had to capture this few seconds of wholesome harmony before it inevitably disintegrated. Isn't it funny how images of a couple of moments can give you an entirely inaccurate idea of how someone's life is? But actually, it was a nice few moments and I'll take what I can get.

- Jane x


  1. Fab dress, I've often wondered how the M&M patterns sew up, I rather like their Madison pattern, they look wonderfully cut. Nice to see they boys chilling together, mine have spent a chunk of today (we're on Easter school hols) arguing to the point it was driving me crazy. Bethx Oh and your holiday sounds fabulous, I have a cousin who lives in NZ at the moment and he adores it...I have 3 other cousins living in Australia....was it something I said ;) Bethx

  2. What? Your boys aren't always like that? Sitting around reading Shakespeare to each other? :)
    And I am super impressed with Clem's confidence on such a giant animal. You go, Clem! It sounds like it's going to be a fantastic trip!
    And the dresses! Fantastic! I especially love the fabric you chose for the second version! Such a good choice!

  3. Have a wonderful holiday, have fun!

    Oh no, another pattern I need. I had best get sewing.

    Your children squabble? Mine never do, snigger....

  4. Oooooh, I love this dress! That fabric looks incredible. I envy your access to all the pretties at work! That shot cotton is to die for! I have some shot cotton but it lacks that texture and depth. Anyway ...

    I love the photos of the boys. I mean, who would take photos of their kids fighting? Actually, maybe I should - they would probably be good for a laugh in 20 years!

  5. I love both of the dresses - you clever lady! Oohh exciting - great idea to let the boys try horse riding first. The pics are going to be stunning!


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