Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A match made in Clem-heaven

When your favourite thing to cook is gingerbread bikkies, and your favourite toy is Miffy, does it get any better than Miffy gingerbreads?

Excuse the dry lips

I bought the cutters last year and meant to give them to Clem for Christmas, but put them away 'safely' and forgot. But when he asked to make 'gingers' today I remembered and I wish I had captured the look on his face when he first saw them. Anyway, a success! They are nifty little cutters (that I bought for a ridiculously - like crazily - small amount of money on Amazon or something) where there's a second piece that both makes the print on top and pushes the dough out of the cutter.

Actually, it did get better than just making Miffy Gingers. He 'made a shop' and sold a bunch of them up on the street corner and made five dollars! (Thank you, lovely neighbours.)

- Jane x


  1. I'd have bought a bunch of them off him - he's too cute Jane. Love the shirt too.

  2. If only he did international orders. They look fab.

  3. These are the cutest cutest cutest ... and also, you're making me hungry! I want a cookie! (lunch is in 20 minutes, and I'm ravenous) And could Clem be any cuter? (Nope.)

  4. Oh those are so cute!
    Liddy badly wants to have a stall but I don't think the milk tankers would stop.

  5. Oh bless him, I know I am always saying this in comments, but he always makes me think of my youngest, Charlie, I think they must have very similar temperaments. Bx

  6. Eeekkk!! So cute!! Clem & the cookies ;o)


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