Saturday, November 2, 2013

Colette Violet blouse

I was inspired to try this pattern by a version of the Colette Violet blouse I'd seen on Pinterest. Of course in the end the only vague resemblance between the girl and shirt in the inspiration pic and myself and shirt are the fact mine is also a sort of plaid.

Shirt is unironed and I am totally unstyled but I have come to the conclusion that if I don't grab someone and get photos when a garment is hot off the sewing machine, it probably won't happen. Of course, husband or son will not tell me when a button is skewiff. But they don't notice things like that, bless them.

I wasn't too sure about the shirt - blouse - whatever - as it was coming together but in the end I think I quite like it. Needs to be washed and worn a bit to be 'broken in' but I think it will be a sort of good t-shirt substitute.

The fabric is a quilting cotton by Art Gallery Fabrics, and although I generally steer clear of quilting cottons for adult garments, the Art Gallery ones have a particularly soft and drapey feel. Even so, I think it's a little crisper than ideal for this pattern - but that's where I hope the wash'n'wear factor will come in.
Pretty happy with my plaid matching skillz. The buttons are some cute little things I found at the Salvos.

And the back. Super-creased, and probably could use some fitting adjustments. I cut a straight size 10 (Colette size 10 that is!) since the finished garment measurements seemed to work for my bust and hips. My shoulders are fairly narrow however so maybe I could have started with a size 8, done a FBA and graded out to a 10 in the hips. But sheesh, all the effort for a loose shirt? Nah...

Gosh but I love having my photo taken. This much.

Would you bother to make fitting adjustments to something like this? Or just let it 'wear in' to fit you better?

- Jane x


  1. I really like the colour. I imagine that the shirt would be a great shirt to wear to work with a nice pair of pants or pretty skirt, but I am extremely fashion challenged so not the best person to give advice. Nice job, Jane.

  2. It's great Jane. Don't bother with adjustments. X

  3. Love the fit on you, and lovely fabric too. I have been wanting this pattern for myself.

  4. I think the fit looks great and it will surely wash great! Super cute!

  5. This looks super cute and very wearable!! I made this pattern a while back and was actually thinking of making it again. On my second sew, I did find that a smaller size in the shoulders fit me better, and I was able to get away without an FBA bc it's so loose. But like you say, probably not worth a HUGE amount of work for something so loose!

  6. Cute collar - much nicer than a standard collar. Looks very wearable. Those buttons are adorable. I really like the subtle orange and pink stripe.

  7. Your shirt looks fab and your stripe matching skillz are great! And ironing - totally overrated!! Cheers, Karen

  8. It's absolutely adorable Jane. I'd definitely let it wear in. Looks so cute on you!!

  9. Nope, I wouldn't have done the adjustment either. It looks fab, I have this pattern sitting in my 'me' sewing pile but I'm still trying to shift weight (which is oh so boring but necessary) so want to wait a bit longer. I also have a narrow frame so might check the shoulder length before making, now I've read this post. That photo of you enjoying being behind a camera did make me laugh! Bx


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