Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mornings, and a look at my Hawthorn although not on me, yet

We've been doing this three-kids-at-school thing for almost a year now but is it getting any easier to get us all ready in the mornings? Uh, nope. Maybe this summer when the sun's up earlier?

This morning:

Charlie, his face still three-quarters asleep, moving with glacial speed through the motions of morning preparations.

Clem, five minutes to go, sliding about with a tissue box on one foot and nothing on the other, admonishing Andy for "always speaking to (him) in a cross voice". Cos yeah, we should happily and sweetly repeat instructions for the seventh or eighth time.

Jasper, completely ready since about 7.30am, and showing us all the totem pole he'd just whipped up with corks, a slice of tree branch and a hot glue gun.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, don't we. But in the mornings I'd take three of Jasper, thank you!

Now again, here I am apologising for not having photos of a garment being worn. There will, really, be a catchup post of me wearing a bunch of stuff soon. But I want to show off my Colette Hawthorn nevertheless, because I'm rather thrilled with it, and I really went slow-and-steady through this, the most detailed thing I've sewn in ages. So here it is on a hanger.

It was love-at-first-sight for me and the Hawthorn pattern. We had just received our first ever bolts of Liberty Tana Lawn at The Drapery and I was all inspired to pull out this Liberty from my stash. It was originally slated for a shirt for Andy, but... let's just say it may just as well have kept sitting in my stash for all the light of day it would have seen. So. Hello, Hawthorn!

I will post later about my fitting alterations and such, and with photos of me wearing it. But for now, here it is, and I can't wait for warmer weather here so I can actually enjoy it!

- Jane xx


  1. Ahhh, mornings.....! Sounds oh so similar to mornings at our house - t not sure I have a Jasper!

    LOVE your Hawthorne - really looking forward to seeing it on and hearing more about it (still unsure about this pattern for me)

  2. Oooo, pretty, pretty! I can't wait to see the dress on you!
    And I hear you on the mornings. Somebody asked me why I get up so early in the morning when I only have two kids to get ready and then I had to explain to them exactly how long it takes to get O up in the morning. First there's her five minute warning, then there's the actual time to get up, then there's the cajoling, then there's the threatening. It's a whole process I tell you!

  3. Looking forward to seeing Hawthorne on - such lovely looking fabric.
    If it's any consolation, my eldest who used to be the slowest and most frustrating of children to rouse and get going in the morning, now gets himself up at 2.45am to go to work with no trouble at all. Well, I presume he does as I'm not up and about at that unearthly hour and he's always gone by the time I get up.

  4. I could probably handle four or five Jaspers in the morning! I have one who will come out of his room shouting in frustration that he can't get his tie done right - when he hasn't even got his school pants on, and we have to leave in 2 minutes, and oh yeah, he hasn't brushed his teeth yet either. And then he cries and screams that I should have told him he was running so late. I have. Sigh. (The tie is supposed to be the very last thing, cause he can always do it on the bus if we're in a rush.)
    I'm in two minds about the Hawthorne.. everyone's look so lovely, but dresses like that always end up looking dowdy or like a uniform on me.. love your fabric though!!

  5. Oh mornings! It doesn't matter how organised I am the night before, someone always comes out wearing their brothers school clothes, odd socks or is distracted by a bird/lizard/their own hair/breakfast etc. I love your hawthorn dress and I'm looking forward to seeing it on. It's on my maybe list at the moment

  6. Love the tissue box on the foot! And the GORGEOUS DRESS in LIBERTY, of course! OMG. Droooool.

  7. Your Hawthorn is lovely and I bet super light and comfy to wear. As for the mornings, I can so relate, sadly neither of mine are Jaspers. We are enjoying our summer school holidays and the best bit is no school run, I always feel a bit depressed when the frantic mornings begin again. Bethx


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