Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Nani Iro top for spring

There's a warmth just beginning in the air and I believe we are emerging from what seemed to me like the dreariest, rainiest winter since eleven years ago when I was stuck at home with two little boys ages zero and 14 months in a dark unrenovated cramped house but-let's-not-dwell-on-that!

I've just emailed off the first full draft of the last major piece of work I have to complete for my 'regular job' before I finish up. Yay!

Last Saturday there was a marked turn in business at the shop, with people buying summery fabrics. Yay!

The daylight is lasting longer. Yay!

I know that soon enough I will be moaning about the heat and having to water the garden and all that but for now... yay! I'm feeling all springy! And not in the least because I made myself a new top from some Nani Iro double gauze I've been eyeing off for a while.

It's such a statement fabric, I wanted to make something simple. So after lots of consideration, I settled on a pattern I'd made before, from a Japanese sewing magazine, Pochee Spring 2010. It's basically a wide raglan sleeve top with the neckline gathered up and the gathers sewn down with a long strip that also becomes the front tie. I love my first version of this shirt and still wear it often. The double gauze has held up very well to wash'n'wear.
The pattern calls for the neckline strip to be cut on the bias, and the layout shows an outrageous amount of fabric allowed simply for cutting this. There's really no need for it to be on the bias and I pieced it together from a couple of pieces cut on the grain.

However my fabric-miser tendencies bit back at me when I didn't have enough room to add seam allowances at the bottom hem. The top turned out a bit short so I headed back to my pile of scraps and eked out a little addition to the bottom, which was kind of on the bias so it kicks out a bit. Actually I quite like the effect! One of those 'happy accidents'. I would allow a bit more fabric next time though. Er, if I could remember how much I cut for this one, ha.

I also shortened the neck slit/placket thingy considerably because it was waaay too low last time - maybe a little too short now but no matter.

Thank you Jasper for the kooky-angle photos!

- Jane x


  1. I like the bit at the bottom. Good to see that even though you have miles of fabric available to you, you're still economical with your fabric, even if a little too much!

    1. Anne, if anything I think I have got stingier with the fabric economy because: 1) I want there to be enough left for the lovely customers and: 2) I am still suffering from a bit of 'but I can't ask people for money can I??' and so try to be as economical as possible when people ask how much they will need for a pattern. But I think I am learning that it's better to have a little too much than a little less than you really need! I hate wasting fabric but wasting an entire project would be worse....

  2. It's lovely! It has a great neckline - I reckon it would be great as a dress too.

  3. I love the top - great shape. So good to see your warm weather coming around - in blogland it can be summer all year round (and only half the watering!) xx

  4. It's absolutely gorgeous! That fabric is beautiful

  5. Very cute Jane and congratulations on the last big report! This time 11 years ago I was doing the same thing with a newborn and 17 month old...

  6. Polka dots! Very fashionable. Lovely fabric.

  7. Oh I love it! And it is so springy! I would be right there with you on the "yay spring!" tangent, except that your spring means my autumn and winter, BOOOOOO. But anyway, yes, I love the top! And you look so cute with your pigtails!

  8. This is very cute and oh so perfectly Spring-y. Glad that the weather has changed and that you have almost finished work :-)

  9. Oh it's lovely and the bright cheery fabric is just perfect. Funny to hear you getting ready for spring, just as we're heading into autumn, it's wet and windy here today (and the poor boys have to walk the 2 miles home from school, as 'husband' needs the car....will the moan a lot? I expect so). Enjoy your days getting longer and the sight of spring flowers :) Beth


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