Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bimini Ring

Thank you so much for all the lovely, supportive comments on my last post. I have given work my notice and am counting down the last few weeks. I can't wait to be able to focus better on the shop and family and home. It seems a bit financially foolhardy but I've done stupider things on my life and got away with it. Things have a way of working out.

Friday was a 'student free day' at the boys' school (teacher training), and thankfully Andy was able to take on parenting duties. He set about installing a new backyard game. It's incredibly simple and rather addictive.

Andy discovered the game at a pub in Texas on a work trip. It's just a hook on a wall, and a ring on a string attached to a swivelly clip thing overhead. Swing the ring and try to get it on the hook. It's pretty much impossible to watch someone doing it without coming over all childish: 'I wanna go! My turn next!'.

In other weekend-ish happenings, Clem had been saving his pocket money for some weeks to buy a 'magic garden' and has been delightedly showing us the progress.

I love these things - really, quite magical. There's quite a bit more 'snow' on the mountain now.

There has been sewing, just no pictures I'm afraid. I made my Dad a Your Sew Girl Flat Cap, on his request (how nice to have my Dad ask me to sew him something!). Jasper has a new velour hoodie and I have been slowly, slowly making my way through a Colette Hawthorn dress for myself. It's rather unseasonal so no rush. Might have to have a photo sesh and do a quick roundup blog post about all the sewings.

How's your weekend? Magic gardens? Pub games for the whole family?

- Jane xx


  1. Ok, that game looks very cool :-)
    I always loved those magic garden things (my mother never let me have one...)
    And that is wonderful news about your job

  2. So much fun.

    I spent my weekend looking after sick kids and getting very little sleep. Actually, it hasn't stopped yet. Now I'm spending a little time feeling sorry for myself :)

  3. Most exciting news on the job (or change of, I suppose), I hope the last few weeks are going well and wish you the very best with the shop full-time.

    The game looks great and I can see, totally addictive. As for Clem's magical garden, my boys love those as well, but we've only ever had the trees, didn't know you get an entire garden!



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