Sunday, April 7, 2013

Linen Esme

I have been wearing my first one so much - it's so handy for this transitional autumn weather - that I thought I should sew up another. This time in more of the lovely natural linen that my parents brought me back from Lithuania, and that I used for my Washi Dress. (I think there was four metres, and there's still probably a metre left!)

I made the bib lining and back neck facing out of some leftover Anna Maria Horner voile. The only alteration I made was to raise the back neckline a bit.
More mismatched buttons as solution to indecision. I was intending on adding a little embroidery to the bib in a running or cross stitch around the edge but I'm not sure now. Best left plain or could it use a little more decoration?
And on a real person. Hmm there's a bit of front gaping there. I think it's more to do with my button placement than anything. I might fix that with just a little hand-tacking, since I think the buttons will always be done up. The linen is slightly stiff and scratchy right now but I know from my Washi Dress that it will soften up beautifully with a few more washes.

In the interests of reality-checking, here's a different view of that terribly picturesque rustic background:
It's the door of our falling-down shed. And I was standing in possum poo. Glamorous, non?

During last week, the boys had sports day (across two days) at school. It's always rather delightful and for some reason I even get a little choked up when the teams all do their chants and cheers at the end.

Guess what colour our team is :)  And we won!

- Jane x


  1. I think your top is lovely how it is, but I'm a plain girl. Cx

  2. Love the top - and the rustic background ;-)

    Go Red! (that's our house colour too!)

  3. Your rustic backdrop is fab! I really like that top in linen and I think a little embroidery would be beautiful. Yay red!

  4. Love the top! And the miss-matched buttons, -what a great way to use all the odd buttons in ones stash, a nice feature. :)

  5. I like your rustic backdrop and the peek behind. If it was my top then I'd be thinking to myself - hmm a little embroidery would just finish this off. Sadly the reality wouldn't match the image in my head and I'd have to rip it out.

  6. Thanks all :) Hmm I am still really undecided about embroidery! Anne that is what I'm slightly concerned about... more thread draping and humming and hahing to do I think.

  7. I am loving this top on you, Jane! It looks great! I am thinking, hmmm, maybe some piping around the bib ... I'm on a piping kick lately. I am also 100% in support of embroidery, although I'd understand if you decided to leave well enough alone. (I'm a Libra too, btw. We have such excellent taste, don't we? Too bad we can never decide on anything.)

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  9. It's great and I bet really nice to wear when the linen wears in a bit, I do love a spot of linen. Your 'reality check' photo made me laugh a lot! possum poo.....around here we are ankle deep in rabbit poo in the garden (pesky things!). Bethx Oh, agree on the sports day thing as well, it always gets me to see all the kids cheering and enjoying themselves so much.


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