Sunday, March 24, 2013

a little creepy, quite fascinating

We've had our eye on two fat Wanderer caterpillars in our front yard for a few days now. Today, Clem went to check on them and found one in the very act of shedding its skin and revealing the chrysalis. You don't think it's a bit creepy? Picture it wiggling - nay, writhing - to get that skin off. Happened within the span of a minute or two. Kept wiggling somewhat after the entire skin was gone. But isn't it cool how you can see where the wings are already beginning to form at the end there?

- Jane x


  1. Oh, I think that's creepy. Love butterflies, hate caterpillars....not sure why. Bethx

    1. Oh yes, I'm with you Beth! I have almost a caterpillar phobia that I think stems from seeing clumps of 'spitfires' (sawfly larvae, I dare you to look it up, ergh) on the gumtree that hung over our front gate as a child. However successive generations of Wanderers in our garden are taming my fear. I have even brought myself to touch them to move a hungry caterpillar from one defoliated plant to a fresh one!

  2. Cool! My kids have a fascination with all insects but especially caterpillars and butterflies. So much so I'm not sure that caterpillar in your garden would've survived if it lived in our garden. Their curiosity sometimes gets the better of them!

  3. Not creepy at all, just beautiful!

  4. I agree, more fascinating than creepy to me. I love caterpillars, though maybe not *quite* so much when they are chomping on my garden greens ...

  5. Fascinating! Though I have to admit I do squash caterpillars in the garden when I see them :(


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