Thursday, February 21, 2013

A library bag, and make it snappy

How often do you get to sew something as joyfully simple yet useful as a library bag?

With half a metre of this Cloud 9 Ed Emberley crocodiles that Clem chose himself, I whipped this up for Clem's school 'Library Day' (Thursdays).
obligatory bag-on-head shot
It's basically just 2 x 50cm square pieces. The trimmings from the width became the handles (with a little scrap calico sewn inside for extra body). No need to even pre-wash the fabric. Only a few short years ago it would hardly have even occurred to me to sew a library bag. Now, it's an easy pleasure. Ain't sewing grand? (Should one put an apostrophe in ain't, given that it ain't a real word?)

Two new library books came home in the snappy crocodile bag today. Happy library day!

- Jane x


  1. Perfect library bag! Love the bag on head shot ;-)

  2. So cute! And I specifically love that the bag on head shot was "obligatory." Tee hee! (Also, I personally believe that "ain't" *is* a real word - Mark Twain uses it, Dickens uses it, just to name two - and that it contains an apostrophe, although who knows what it's really contracting. That said, "Ain't ain't a real word" is a really delightful sentence.)

    1. I always assumed ain't came from an odd use and pronunciation aren't .

  3. Cute crocodiles. Last year I made my daughter a simple drawstring library bag, using half of a large pillow case. I set the other half aside to make a library bag for my son for this year, but I still haven't got around to making it. Actually I haven't got around to finding the other half of the pillowcase, the making should be easy once I actually find it.

  4. Some times the most simple projects are the most rewarding. Better still, this will get tonnes of use.

  5. Fab bag and fab photos - the 'bag on head shot' made me laugh, my boys would do exactly the same! Bethx

  6. Love it - particularly fond of the bag on head shot - always a winner!


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