Sunday, February 10, 2013

If I Blog It, I will Finish It

The Brief: A picnic rug (quilt). Simple construction, darkish prints, not too girly. More aesthetically pleasing and less prone to collecting dead grass than the entirely synthetic, water-proof-backed picnic rug that has been hanging out in the back of our car for years and is currently in a heap in our driveway, possibly growing mould. It's done great service but it's hardly inspiring.

So. I bought my first ever 'fat quarter pack' when Sew Mama Sew was having a big ol' sale not long ago. It's called Splendor 1920, by Bari J for Art Gallery Fabrics. Along the selvedge it says 'feel the difference' and in fact I did; these are quilting cottons of particular soft silkiness. I also bought a couple of other yards to work in. The criss-cross middle bits are Kate Spain's Cuzco. What's his name?


(I cannot help mentally yelping out the song from Emperor's New Groove.)

Cut it up last night. Sewed it together this morning. I make that sound quick and easy but you know? Even the most basic of quilts is still a quilt. There are quite a few hours in this baby already. Hence my blog-it-to-keep-up-the-momentum.

Must. Make. Quilt. Back. Rah, rah, go me!

- Jane x


  1. Go you! I'm attempting my first ever quilt and have managed to cut squares every now and then when I have a moment. I'm amazed at your speed and momentum. Mine is going to take me a looooong time. Cx

  2. Looking good. I'll cheer you over the finishing line.

  3. This is one gorgeous picnic rug! Looking forward to seeing it finished ;-)

  4. Oh it's beautiful, imagine me cheering you on! I am so glad I'm not the only one who loves the emperors new groove. Llama face!!!!

  5. Thanks team! And yes Carla, long-time fave around here... scary beyond all reason?

  6. Wow, you're fast. You can do it!

    I'm in the same boat as you, only I started my quilt a year and a half ago! Interestingly enough, I also posted about my quilt yesterday in an attempt to get myself motivated for my new quilting deadline (which is Easter), so it's funny (and comforting) to see that I am not the only one. I can't believe I initially thought I would have it finished in one month! I was clueless.

    I will cheer you on, but at the speed your going you will probably be finished by the time you read this comment :)

    1. So did blogging about it work? Are you finished? I didn't make my Easter deadline, but I finished my quilt today!

  7. You can do it! You can do it! (Now, maybe I should finally finish one of my quilts? Nah ... )

  8. Oh thats nice. I've been tempted to do something similar, sometimes, but the waterproof synthetic rugs always win out due to soggy ground.

    Do you need a cheer squad? JANE, JANE, SHE'S OUR (WO)MAN! IF SHE CAN'T DO IT, NO-ONE CAN!!!

  9. Would love to see an update of your progress.


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