Saturday, June 30, 2012

look what followed me home

Singer 319K. Did I need it? No.

Isn't it exactly like one I have? Yes.
Well yes and no... because this one has...
maybe-slightly-useful-once-in-a-blue-moon and anyway-isn't-it-pretty extension table...
original manuals in pristine condition; one for the machine and one for the motor...
separate straight-stitch-only and embroidery/darning throat plates...
- gasp - original twin needle (no longer available for this machine)...

Original accessory box (and that 'anti-corrosion paper' clearly works because those bobbins are all spotless)...

and complete set of 'Fashion Discs' for decorative stitches (the one missing in the box is on the machine).

It was all remarkably clean, the motor ran, the seller was very nice and really, how could I not bring it home for $50? Even if just to keep for spare parts for my original one.

Besides, cleaning these machines up, pulling them apart, oiling things and getting them running smoothly again is such good fun. And it was made easier by having one in great working order to refer to when things were a bit stuck.

I wasn't actively looking for a machine but my bloggy friend Harriet, who has been busy playing with Singer 99Ks, alerted me to it. So thank you for being such an enabler, Harriet!

After I cleaned it all up and plugged it into the power, something went 'pfft' and our safety switch turned all the power off in the house. Oops. But I determined that it was just where the power cord was worn as it entered the plug to the motor. I took the plug apart and made a careful diagram of how it went together, then bought some more cord and rewired the sucker.

And it worked and I felt ridiculously chuffed that I managed that.
I also unstuck the zigzag/decorative stitch mechanism and the stitch selector, which was resolutely unbudging, with a bit of oil and some delicate taps with heavy pliers wrapped in soft fabric.

And this dear machine is happily, solidly and smoothly chugging away once more.
I know I already showed a picture of Charlie sewing this but check out that tongue in concentration!

- Jane x


  1. Love it! I always get scared with the whole wiring/electrocution thing and chicken out and get my local guy to check it. Of course they sucker me into a service that it doesn't need as I've just spent days cleaning it up! Love the tongue as well, my eldest does the same thing!

    1. Yes I've usually taken my adopted machines to the repair shop for a once-over (which yes, tends to end up more expensive than you hope!). But since this was sort of to be a 'spare' I just kept going with it myself and it ended up running beautifully. I just noticed in the first pic it's not threaded up properly which I eventually discovered after Charlie kept getting frustrated at the tension. But I was rather proud that he even knows what tension is, ha!

  2. Definitely worth $50! Think you scored a bargain, actually
    Am looking forward to seeing Charlie's quilt finished

  3. Charlie looks SEW adorable. What a wonderful sewing machine that you found!

  4. Yeay!! It does look in great nic! I'm so glad you picked it up. ;)

  5. Oooh aren't you lucky! I dream of liberating my mum's old Elna... only cahnce I'm likely to have to own a vintage machine.

  6. I'm glad it followed you home! What a great find. You can never have too many machines (although my husband would beg to differ), especially such a gorgeous one. I love that your son is using it. I'm going to show my sons that picture in hope of motivating them. Cx

  7. Oh yes, she's a beaut!! Look at her! So clean, so complete, so pretty! I wouldn't have been able to resist either. And I'm also seriously impressed that you rewired that sucker.

  8. Okay, I am beyond impressed at your re-wiring work. You are obviously "crafty" in so many ways!

  9. Oh I do love a nice vintage machine. As above, I get a bit nervous when it comes to electrics but like you, I'd have had a go (or made my husband do it!). it was obviously well worth it and great to see Charlie sewing again. Bethx


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