Wednesday, June 27, 2012

in our neck of the woods (have you ever seen woods with a neck?)

Bits and pieces going on around here.
Clem finally, at four-and-a-half, moved into a big bed. I actually made him this quilt cover for Christmas. The bed, which was Charlie's, was waiting on the verandah for ages. It was just so hard to get excited about spending money on a mattress, but worth it for an excited 'big' little boy.
Goldie, one of our chicks that we hatched last December, laid her first egg! In fact she's the only one of the chicks we have left. That's her at the front, below.
We tried to keep our 'Blue Roo', at the back there, but he crowed all day, every day. Even if it wasn't annoying the neighbours it was driving me insane. So he's gone to a lovely home in the hills with a new flock of girls to crow for. I'm so glad we didn't have to eat him.
We've been celebrating 'Miffy's Birthday' intermittently for over a week, but no-one's really complaining about extra cake.
We also humoured Clem's desire to make 'soup' which involved him peeling and cutting up carrot and apple, which I cooked in a bit of water and he said we should blend with the "whisker".

We all had to taste it then it quietly went to the chickens. Sorry, carrot and apple.

On a grey day I spent $7 on pretties at an op-shop, which I kinda didn't need but the next day one of the boys broke a favourite plate and I contentedly thought of these new additions.
There's been a bit of snot in the house (hooray for hankies!) but today, Charlie had a productive sick-day working on the quilt that I started for him about a year ago. How massive is his hair?
And don't cats just love a work in progress?
At the rate Charlie's going we should have a quilt to show off very soon!

- Jane x


  1. Busy, busy. What's an op-shop?

    1. op-shop = opportunity shop = thrift shop/charity shop

  2. I love your boys' hair, all of them. My big boy is slowly turning to definitely Brown instead of BrownishBlondish and I miss the baby hair. And yay for big-little kids in big beds. Makes them look smaller!!

  3. Isn't puréed apple and carrot one of those combinations they tell you to try on babies?

  4. "Sew Charlie, Sew Charlie, Seeewwwww CHarlie!!!" (cheering song) ;)

  5. I love pictures of your boys sewing. They are just awesome!

  6. Love Clem's new bed it looks very cosy - I have a similar iron one, but in black, that's sitting in our shed. When the boys come out of their bunkbeds I might give it to one of them. LOVE seeing Charlie sewing!! Bethx (the linen cat)

  7. Ooh, I can't wait to see the quilt! Joe's still in a crib, but one of these days, we'll have to upgrade (in the meantime, he is sleeping! don't want to mess with that!). I love the old iron bed and quilt cover.


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