Friday, February 3, 2012


I saw this 25 day photo challenge at Katie Evans Photography and thought it sounded like a bit of fun.
There's no way I'll get to every day of it (I'm already behind on day 1) but it should be some inspiration to document a bit of the 'now' in our lives.

Day 1: hands.
Me. If you want to know someone's age, look at their hands. 41 years, right there. 41 good years with useful hands though.
Charlie's hands creating. There are a few dirty fingernails about this place.
Andy calls his 'carnie hands' because they're not big, but I think they're just right. He moves them around a lot when he talks and does this funny scrunchy thing with them as he walks, to keep the blood circulating, he says. He's a nail chewer.
 Jasper-watching-telly hands.
Clem found this water balloon in his pocket this morning. It had gone through the wash but was okay. His friend from next door gave it to him at Kindy.

And here's what Charlie was making. From this book. I thought it would have appeal to the boys and I was right. I bought a second-hand copy on Amazon from a charity in NY that helps people with HIV/AIDS so I was really doing the world a favour, right?
Charlie made this entirely by himself, even matching the thread colours. I just had to gather a couple of supplies. It's not a lot bigger than my thumbnail. Look at those teeny stitches!
Hooray for hands and all they can do.

- Jane x


  1. "Hooray for hands and all they can do." Yes, absolutely. I try to focus on what my body can do rather than what it looks like. My hands are working hands-they have done lots in my life and they are capable of tenderness and strength. My right hand was damaged severely in a log splitter but I can still use it. My seams are sometimes wobbley, but I celebrate that I can use it at all!

  2. I get very dry skin on my hands, so they regularly look at least 10 years older, sometimes 40 years older. I know your supposed to be attracted to the hidden part of people's bodies because of the mystique, but I've always liked faces and hands, the parts that are always on display.

    1. You can tell a lot about a person from their hands.

  3. Aw, I love all of your hands! I am also the proud owner of a hardworking, sometimes-nailbiting, generally dirty-nailed, not always young-looking set of hands. :-)

  4. Hands are definately worth celebrating - especially good working hands. They are all simply gorgeous. and that cat is cute too. I'm amazed he was able to make something so small.


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