Monday, May 2, 2011

Ten Tomorrow

Warning: very indulgent mother post ahead...........

The cake is baked, the present is wrapped and Dadda is on a plane home.
This sweet, wise, kind, clever, thoughtful boy (who is just starting to exhibit a little teen-oh-I'm-so-over-you-all attitude, on occasion), will be TEN tomorrow. I'm so proud to be his Mama.
I am 'Mama', too, because that's what he called me from the start.
Born long before we had a digital camera in the house, and only 14 months ahead of his first brother. I don't know what they'd do without each other.
He was slow to start talking, and has always taken his time to think before he speaks. He thought for three years before uttering his first pair of words: "hello honey", spoken to honey on his spoon. I always, always listen carefully to Charlie, because what he has to say is always worthwhile.
Except when he's about to get right in your face and say 'Baaaaaaahhhhhhhh!'
Since Christmas he has powered his way through the entire Harry Potter book set, and on the eve of his birthday has maybe about ten pages to go. He didn't read any today because I think he doesn't want it to end. A year or so ago he read Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree books through for the second time and shed tears at the end because it was over.
 A lot goes on in his mind and I will be anxious to keep him talking to us through the teenage years to come, lest he keep too much inside.
He's always been crazily flexible. As a baby he would fold his legs up and his body pretty much in half as we tried to pull the covers over him in bed.
He was born with an awesome head of strawberry blonde hair that I regularly let grow too long before I can bring myself to cut it. Oh, look at those sweet baby teeth!
When Charlie was six he got his own 'mini me', except this one talks.
(Can I ruin the photo magic here and say I cropped out the Wii controller?)

Charlie is so sensible, sometimes we call him an old man. We tell him he can save his sagely advice for when he has his own kids, and not waste it on his brothers, who are too busy letting every thought that crosses their minds spill out their mouths.
Charlie Ferris (for Bueller, of course, although you'd have a few words of advice for him, wouldn't you), YOU ROCK.

- (Mama) Jane x


  1. Such a beautiful post! (and I love the picture of him with his baby cute!)

  2. Happy Birthday, Charlie! And Happy Charlie's Birthday to you, Jane!

  3. Aw. What a sweet post! My baby boy Joe is also a late-talker or speech-delayed - he will be two tomorrow, and he only says a couple of words, although he's a bright, sensible, well-organized boy too. Lately, I've been pretty worried about how behind Joe is, but reading your post, and seeing some similarities in personality (also, cuteness, hello, that is a cuuuuute little boy!) was actually very comforting to me. Thank you and happy birthday Charlie! Taurus boys are the best.

  4. Thanks everyone :-) He had a lovely birthday, made lots of big-eyed faces and patiently tolerated his brothers being jealous of his presents.
    Inder, we thought of taking Charlie to speech therapy a couple of times, but then he would just take a leap forward all by himself. It was like something needed to click into place in his brain, in its own time. He was also very active. I notice that very young kids often tend to develop physically, or verbally; they're busy doing one of the other. Charlie walked at 10 months and was always getting into cupboards and climbing, etc. I can't remember when the sensible kicked in, haha! Clem on the other hand didn't walk until 16 months, but has talked, and talked, and talked practically forever. Interesting that your boy is a Taurus too. Happy birthday to Joe!


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