Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I made a lemon, so I reached for the gin

It was a Stuff Up, but became Something Better.
I was doing some more pants lengthening for Clem, calculated the width of my add-ons wrongly, and they were too narrow.
Ditch and start again? No! Seize the opportunity to experiment!

I set my machine to zigzag, turned the pants inside out and narrowed the legs down. Chopped off the excess. Added the cuffs. Success - and slimmer pants, just how I like them on my boys!
By the time I convinced him to pose for these photos, the pants were sporting a few stains.

Hard to see, but it's a cute Kokka fabric with bees holding teapots and things.

I liked them so much I did the next pair slim, too.

The t-shirt was a super-quick embellishment project.
My sister-in-law gave me some lovely fabric remnants from Sprout Design. I cut out a picture, stuck it on with iron-on adhesive and stitched some embroidery thread around it. Done.
This week it's been husband away, kids sick, unable to go in to work or be social. These kind of simple but constructive projects help keep me sane. Look, I did something other than wipe snot!

- Jane x


  1. Oh, what a week you've had! I can't believe you found time to do all this with the husband away and sick kiddos! You amaze me!
    Nice work on the pants...isn't it great when things turn out okay in the end!

  2. That lengthening idea is great. I might try it with a few pairs of Rory's pants. Your Clem is very cute. I think I recognise him from UCCC? I found your blog via Life at number 6 (my friend Rebecca). I cannot believe you hand quilted that giant quilt! I would not have the patience for such a project. It is lovely, you must be very proud of it.

  3. Hi Gillian, nice to cyber-meet a local! Yes Clem is at UCCC, and I met Rebecca through our kids' primary school. We just fessed up to each other that we have blogs! I have yours to enjoy now too :-)

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