Thursday, May 12, 2011

Going easy on me

Work has been overwhelming in the last couple of weeks. And it looks like my second career as a wildlife photographer isn't going to pan out. (Small joke there peeps.)
Honeyeater's butt with star dropper
Andy heads off on another overseas work trip next week. My folks are away. I'm feeling a little bit like I need to let a few things slide.
On a 'home day' with Clem, I let him watch a lot of this stuff:
(Picture hung before purchase of ginormous TV)
And when he had a babycino, and asked to 'do the chocolate sugar myself', I let him. For quite a while.

Later in the day I abandoned my small efforts at house cleaning and immersed myself in fabric while I let Clem play 'Red Fish' endlessly on my laptop.
I had just received this gorgeous stuff in the mail:
Tammis Keefe reproduction print
and used it, together with some old barkcloth curtain fabric that never seems to run out, to make Charlie a hanging wall pocket for his loft bed.
The fabrics actually go together a bit better than this low-light photo suggests.
This is it hanging from the picture rail, behind the railing of his high, high bed. It's mostly to hold the book he reads at night but it seemed silly to make just a single pocket. I beheaded two cats on the fabric (oops) but there is a whole one on there as well.
In the evening Andy and I watched Mamma Mia! which on the third viewing is only getting more fabulous. The colours are astonishing; I think the whole thing must be very true to some art director's 'inspiration board'.
Anyway. That was a Good Day. Even if a Bad Mama Day. And much needed.

- Jane x

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  1. My sister has two kids and often calls me to say "I was the worst mother today. I let them watch tv for hours and eat crap all day long" but inevitably one of the kids tells her at the end of the day "mommy, you're the best mommy ever." It's only when she makes them do their homework that they tell her she's mean and horrible :)
    Good luck with your spouse being out of town!!


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