Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My spidey senses are tingling

I sense a crime... against aesthetic sensibilities everywhere... LOOK OUT!
 Here comes the Spiderman.
Ooh, and he's looking around the corner at you. BOO!
Relax. It's only a muslin. But to my total amusement, this muslin (Grainline Moss Skirt, in case the hideous fabric had blinded you from that detail) fits perfectly. Like, could not be better. Like, is so comfy and just the right height at the back and the exact fit at low waist (or lack thereof) and hips, like ... like ... unprecedented perfect fit.


Does that mean I should find some crapulous occasion to wear it? Look, Spidey is peeking out of my crotch. Hellooo!
Do you have fun with icky fabrics that have happened into your posession, when making muslins? It certainly takes some of the drudgery out of the task.

- Jane x

PS real version in plain dark denim (phew) almost finished.


  1. Go on, wear it. You know you want to. Parents evening perhaps?

  2. I don't know, Jane. It's like it was meant to be. Perhaps spiderman is supposed to live that close to your crotch...

  3. OMG. Best. Yes, yes, you will have to wear it.

  4. Yes you have to wear it somewhere! I have seen some great Moss skirts I really need to try it now.

  5. So funny! I bet you could sell that for good $$ on ebay :)

  6. I think you should wear it for school drop off/pick up. You'll be known as coolest mum ever.

  7. Lol! Echoing all of the above - must be worn to a school event!

  8. You see, I like it! There are some fab dresses I have pinned from modcloth that are made in bright, cartoon fabric, so they are not quite spiderman but it almost kind of works! Wear it, I dare you. Bethx


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