Sunday, February 16, 2014

jinjs four 20c

I felt like I had a very unproductive day today. The weather lately has been sizzlingly hot, followed by rainy and oppressively humid. (Do not get me started about climate change and our government's environmental crimes and ignorance, grr.)

Today was the first day in ages that would have been nice to get out and do something outdoorsy. And it was Sunday, and Andy left tonight for a week interstate for work. And what did I do? Slept in, mooched about, had a nap on the couch.

Should have:
- gone blackberry picking
- gone for a walk
- cleaned out the shed for hard rubbish
- done some work in the garden
- done some washing
- tried to fix the printer
- made pencil cases with the boys
- oh, you know, stuff.

However, I did help make the scene above happen. We baked and I helped set up the stall. 'Gingers for 20c' (gingerbreads). He made almost $6 and was very chuffed.

And, I suppose that's enough. For today.

- Jane x


  1. Hey, sometimes you need a nap!! I often find it hard to accept when I have fifty other things to do but sometimes your body just needs to rest....or eat some gingerbread cookies. Yum, yum!

  2. Oh a nap sounds so lovely! And so does a gingersnap, yum!

  3. So in ten year's time, would you remember that you cleaned out the shed or did the washing? Or will you remember jinjs four 20c?
    Anyway, what's wrong with getting the kids out trading while you take a nap. Sounds like excellent organization.

  4. Cutest!!! This looks pretty darn productive to me. Jinjs!!

  5. Loving the gingerbread stall - we used to sell mushrooms we'd picked in the fields at about that age....I'm amazed they always got bought, imagine if we'd picked a 'wrong' one!! As for the lie-in then nap, sounds like a great idea to me :)


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