Tuesday, June 25, 2013

rare and lovely

Bless the littlest one for waking up with a croupy cough this morning, but otherwise good spirits. With nothing pressing but a late afternoon meeting, I have been able to spend rare and lovely hours cosying up with him today. How lucky am I?

The fire has been on, the winter sun has been streaming in through the windows, the back room fairly clean and tidy after efforts yesterday. And the most constructive thing we have done is a 300 piece jigsaw.

With all the boys at school now and me so busy with two jobs, it's a real gift when things align and I have the perfect excuse to achieve nothing but being here with my Clemmy. He's still so little really and asked "is this a pecan?" about the toucan on the puzzle.
He's actually been much, much nicer in recent months, after his, um, difficult phase last year. Far more content, adaptable and reasonable in his attitude. Seems hard to believe I bought a book called "The Explosive Child" now. (I did. It's still next to the bed. Maybe it worked?)

Back to reality's to-do list tomorrow... recharged by today.

- Jane x


  1. Awwwwwww. Sweet Clem! It is amazing how that happens, isn't it? Just when you're sure you are a bad parent and your kid is a delinquent (haha, I think maybe I should have reframed that sentence to be in the first person? you're like "SPEAK FOR YOURSELF, LADY!"), you find new routines, new ideas, and things change and then it just seems like a distant memory ...

    Joe, unfortunately, is still in the former stage. Maybe he and sweet Clem can have a little chat?

    You must be so busy with two jobs and three boys! Just thinking about it makes me want to take a nap.


  2. Isn't it odd that you would think that the shit is going to hit the fan with you getting a new job and all the transition that that includes...but in the middle of all that transition, Clem takes a turn for the "better." Lovely how it all works out sometimes!

  3. What a lovely post. Time just flies doesn't it? but I'm so glad you got some me/Clem time together, they grow fast enough so it's nice to have these moments, even if a cough is involved. Hope Clem feels better soon. Bethx


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