Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Briar Top, and probably the cutest t-shirt I have ever made or will ever make again

Charlie and Jasper were using fabric markers to decorate a couple of white t-shirts and of course Clem wanted in on the action. I didn't have a white t-shirt in his size and I asked him what he wanted to draw. "Miffy on one side and Pillow on the other" he said with certainty. His two most beloved toys who share his bed every night and are sought out for comfort often during the day.

Well... I had to try to make that work for him, didn't I?

I cut out a t-shirt front and back from some plain cream cotton jersey and taped them to some cardboard, and let him go with the markers and a bit of acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium, when the markers didn't provide the right colours.

See below - pretty good likenesses, don't you think? (Minus the ingrained dirt/love.)

Pillow, made by Charlie for Clem some years back.

Watch out, he's coming at ya in his Miffy and Pillow t-shirt!

Here are the t-shirts that Jasper and Charlie drew:

(Ahem... proving it's not all organic-earthy-home-baked goodness around here. But he's happy with it.)

And this is a little seal character Charlie has been working on, drawing cartoons of.

And here's me in the Megan Nielsen Briar Top I whipped up during quiet moments at the shop, in a hemp/organic cotton jersey which is a rather striking but hard-to-photograph tangerine colour. I made up a size L because I wanted it nice and loose, chose the cropped version, the bound neckline and lengthened the sleeves, just for fun. I really, really like this pattern and I think I may be another bloggy sewist who makes more than one!

 Andy said 'now walk like an Egyptian'...
(I feel like I ought to offer up some sort of apology to Megan Nielsen for this shot, for making her Briar look dorky!)

- Jane x


  1. I'm totally going to steal your idea and have O draw on some shirts...she would love that activity! And your boys' shirts are great! I love that they each have such a vision of what they want to make!
    And as for the briar, every time I see it sewn up I realize that I want this pattern. Yours has just made me want it more!

  2. O.M.G. Could Clem be any more adorable? (Answer: No. It's not possible. It would violate the laws of physics and cause a space/time collapse.)

    I love the cropped briar on you! It looks great! I was totally like, "yeah, right, like I'm going to make a cropped t-shirt!" but then I keep seeing it looking cute on all sorts of bloggy ladies, including yourself, and I'm thinking, okay, maybe ...

  3. I love the shirts the boys made! Clem is too cute! I keep putting off buying the Brair because it seems like a lot of money for a t-shirt pattern and I'm cheap. But I adore this and I wish I could pop into your shop and nab some of that fabric!

  4. I agree, how cute is Clem! I hope all is going well with the shop, glad you are finding time to sew though. Bethx


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