Saturday, January 12, 2013

tees and shorts for boys


 "butt five!"

In case you hadn't guessed, that's more Spoonflower organic cotton jersey made into Ottobre t-shirts. A surefire winner around these parts.

Actually this Spoonflower knit has been sitting in my stash for some months. I wasn't totally sure how it would sew up because it seemed a lighter weight than examples I'd ordered previously. I was a little disappointed when I received it. I am pleased to report however that so far it has been lovely to work with and the boys have exclaimed about how soft and comfy it is. No doubt it will fade as usual but that has never stopped these boys loving these t-shirts.

The green is Aztec Armor (I thought it looked like dragon scales) and the blue, personally picked by Jasper, is Monsters on the Loose. Bands and the back of Clem's tee are from the several yards of unprinted jersey I got from Spoonflower a while back.

Charlie's shorts are some hemp/organic cotton stripe from Kelani, made up to a basic pattern I traced off a favourite pair of RTW shorts he has. Jasper's are a super-soft washed linen that happened to coordinate brilliantly with his t-shirt, made in my self-graded-up Oliver + S Sketchbook Shorts pattern. Clem's shorts are not me-made, but actually some baby shorts that used to have elastic in the hems, bloomer-style. I removed the elastic when he got past crawling age and he is still managing to wear them, now as pyjamas!

Charlie and Jasper's t-shirts are pretty large, as are Jasper's shorts. Sizing can be tricky when these boys are shooting towards the sky at a frightening pace. But better a bit of room to grow, I guess.

Right at the end here is Clem with the latest harvest from our garden. That's a butternut pumpkin (squash), reduced to bonsai size by the special magic powers of our soil. Pumpkin soup for fairies, perhaps?

- Jane x


  1. The pumpkin may be small but whatever you're feeding your boys with seems to be working! I read somewhere that eucalyptus oil from fallen leaves leach into the surrounding soil and that it acts as a natural weed/grass killer for the area around the tree.

    1. Yep, I think that's right and then the roots come up from below and suck all the goodness and moisture out of the soil... double whammy. But as you say, it sure isn't stunting the boys' growth :D

  2. I always love your boys' tees - you choose such fab fabric for them, Jane

  3. I love to see your boys running around in their homemade clothes! They always seem to love them so much (as they should, because those tees are awesome)!

  4. You have been busy! I love your t-shirts and I think this time, I am going to HAVE to order some knit from spoonflower. I said it last time, but never did. This time, it's happening! Love the shorts too, and the photos! Your boys sure do know how to pose. :)

  5. I totally love the photo shoots you do with your boys - they look like they are having so much fun. I think I need to go and explore Spoonflower some more.

  6. I wonder every time I read your blog, why I don't sew more for the boys? You make such wonderful things, and clearly they love wearing them. Loving hubby's t-shirt in the next post as well! Bethx (the linencat)

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