Saturday, January 19, 2013

T for A

When you're onto a good thing, hey?

Andy's 'Pronghorn' t-shirt has become quite a favourite. I ordered this great yarnbombing fabric from Spoonflower along with the latest ones for the boys' t-shirts and it got the thumbs up from Andy. 

I used the same slightly-sized-up version of my Ottobre t-shirt pattern as before, adding an extra couple of inches at the bottom because the Pronghorn tee has a tendency to creep upwards as it stretches horizontally with wear.

'Nuff said... here is my dear lovely husband agreeing to pose for some pics!

Not going to blend into a crowd in this one, is he? :D

- Jane x


  1. Adorable. You are one of the cutest, best dressed families on the web!

  2. Andy's pronghorn shirt is one of my favourite's too. Believe it or not, but I probably find myself thinking about that shirt weekly. Thinking that I should be spending some time sewing up cool tees for Paul too. I even ordered the sample swatches from Spoonflower. Hmmmmm, but that's as far as I ever got. I love his new tee. I also love the tees you made for the boys. I particularly like the one with the plain background.

  3. This is fabulous Jane - love it. I haven't ventured into sewing for my husband yet - maybe I should...

  4. Very cool t-shirt! and cute fashion shoot :-)

  5. There are no words to tell you how fantastic (and proud) he looks in his new tee!

  6. That is a lovelylovely tshirt in a lovely fabric XD

  7. Oh gosh thanks everybody! I am just so pleased to be able to make something that Andy will actually wear. Hooray for Spoonflower making the plain old ordinary t-shirt something special!


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