Saturday, September 29, 2012

plans to reality

There's been a lot of making going on so far these school holidays!

We watched a fabulous documentary called 'Being Elmo', about Kevin Clash who is Elmo's, you know, very close friend. He was devoted to puppetry from a young age and eventually went to work with his hero Jim Henson.

Charlie and Jasper were inspired to make their own puppets. Charlie's fox was 99.9% made by himself. I helped him unpick something at one point and he said to me "don't do too much!" so I made sure to step back and let him go!

While Jasper needed a bit more help, I prodded him to just give it a try and he gained more confidence. As I write, one octopus leg has just fallen off, so he's learning more about patience and hand sewing technique right now, heheh.

It's exciting watching them now at an age when they have accomplished basic skills and can now use them to make their visions come to life.

Hmm, what with all this facilitation of boy-creativity, there hasn't been a lot of room for my own. I did make some shorts for Jasper though. To my scaled-up Oliver + S Sketchbook Shorts pattern, in hemp & organic cotton left over from my Poppy Tunic, with a bit of topstitching interest.

Oh yes and here's another little puppet Jasper made before the more ambitious ones began. It's a dragon called Alistair:

Those little sticks to work his arms are sparklers! I'm not too sure about the toxicity of handling those a lot. Hmm.

One week of school holidays down, one to go. Then I will have three boys at school!

- Jane x


  1. Fantastic puppets. I'm going to have to show my boys. Love them! Cx

  2. I love that fox! I loved puppets when I was little too, in fact I still have a 36 year old Kermit puppet from my childhood. Your boys have great imaginations!

  3. Fantastic puppets. What fun it all looks. Has Alistair been lit up yet?
    Enjoy your last week of school holidays.

  4. Wow you guys have been busy- ( you put us to shame!!) Fantastic projects Jane :)

  5. Thanks all :) I should add that the house is a complete pigsty and I feel like all I have been doing for days is sweeping up bits of paper, foam, thread and fabric! Mind you that is not a complaint.

  6. Jane, that is amazing! Seeing them bring their visions to life must just warm your heart!

  7. What clever kids you have, Jane! I love their creations :-)
    Enjoy the rest of the holidays

  8. Those are some seriously amazing puppets Jane, I adore the fox, he's fabulous. I sometimes feel like I don't craft enought with my girls as I try to squeeze in time for me to do craft!

  9. These are absolutely incredible. I love the puppets! (And I loved "Being Elmo" too.) Those shorts are super cute, too, I love the contrasting stitching and back pockets.

  10. Oh my lord, I am in LOVE with Charlie's Fox!!! I tell you, if my boys are half as creative as yours when they get a little older I will be thrilled (they are showing promise at the moment). The shorts are great, I never thought to scale up some of the patterns I own, not sure why, I am really bad at sewing clothing for the boys and always feel very inspired whenever I visit your blog - no excuses - I need to start making things for them! Beth/thelinencat xx


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