Monday, September 17, 2012


I do find myself a bit wistful about our smallest growing up. This is his last ever week of Kindy. However, look at all the awesome that's happening and is yet to come. He's so ready to stretch his wings.

I love the undaunted backwards writing. And the way he starts his 'e's from the bottom. And the 'm's that could keep going and going. And this confident writing has all happened very recently. They seem to take big leaps and bounds just when they are ready.

Right. Getting sad now and school is still three weeks away. Hmm. Must go clean something.

- Jane x


  1. The older you get, the quicker time flies! Won't school start next year or does he go a term early?

  2. Yep, bittersweet.....
    I got Lucy's acceptance letter for preschool last week - not sure whether to be happy or sad about it....
    And, yes, how does your school system work?

    1. Clem gets in on the very end of our 'old system' where there's an intake every term, and you get in so long as you turn five in the first week of that term (or something like that). His birthday is in that week. Kids do anything from three to six terms of reception. But I think as of 2013 it changes to a single intake at the beginning of the year, which I think is in line with the other states. Difficult for some kids whose birthdays are around mid-year I think but I can see that it would make life a lot simpler for reception teachers having a consistent group all year.

  3. Bittersweet - the perfect term ! I actually relished the freedom when my youngest went to school but did miss them in many ways. Now my eldest is 18 and about the flee the nest and I am having bittersweet feelings all over again - I will miss her but in many ways life will be a bit easier.
    Impressive writing from your youngest - none of mine had the slightest inclination to try to learn writing - I tried but didn`t push it when they resisted.

  4. Wow! Look at little Clem go with his writing! So lovely. It is impossible not to get nostalgic as they get older, but it is also wonderful to see them learning new things and becoming more confident. Sigh.

  5. Charlie (5) has just started year 1 this time (he was in reception last year, both my boys are in the youngest few of their classes as they have may/june birthdays) and it was odd seeing all the new 4 yr olds coming into reception and seeing C move up a class - they seem so little! Both my boys love school though, I hope it goes well for Clem, I'm sure he'll have a great time. Bethx

  6. I still have over a year till my baby starts school, and I'm already not tlooking forward to it. That little letter is adorable though, and backwards writing? I melt.

  7. Oh I love it when kids write backwards! My youngest is 6 but has only just started kindergarten (you can kind of chose here in the US to a certain extent, when kids start school. She's in a class with some 4 yr olds. And towers over them!!) and she will do this backwards writing every now and then, but less and less often. I LOVE it. Do not send it to Allebasi, keep it! Or photograph it. Which you've done already. Good.


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