Friday, April 6, 2012

this is not a shipwreck

Last weekend we visited the glorious Port Willunga beach.
I had brought the boys here last year when Andy was overseas and we read the sign about a ship wrecked in 1888. So we paddled about near the big wooden posts you see above, gathering shells and stones and discussing shipwrecks and pirates and I answered a billion questions about who was on the ship and where they were now and what were their names and making lots up as I went along.
So yeah, last Sunday we went back to see the shipwreck again and muse about the weathering of the timber and talk about pirates and so on. Beautiful day.
Lying in bed that night Andy said to me "you know that's not the shipwreck".
Which is bleedin' obvious now I look at it. Clearly the remains of a jetty/pier and not from 1888. The shipwreck is out a bit further, all underwater. And made of metal.

- Jane x


  1. One of these days, you and the family have to come out to visit me in my part of the world. I used to live on a beach near Santa Cruz where there is a still a sunken WWI ship sitting at the end of the peer. When I first moved there you could actually walk out onto the ship, but every winter, it becomes a bit more decrepit and dangerous. I guess folks used to have dance parties on it back in the day. No pirates, though.

    Meanwhile, the truth is SO BORING. I'm sure your children's imaginations are running wild based on the stories you told them, even if they weren't strictly factual ...

  2. And if you come to visit Inder, then I'm not too far away. There's not many shipwrecks or old piers of interest, but I do have REALLY NICE toilet paper.

  3. When my fairy godmother grants us the airfares, we will be over in a flash :)

  4. Ha ha, but the story is so much nicer then the truth, my boys would much prefer to hear about a shipwreck :) Bethx (the linen cat)x

  5. Ha! I like your story better! (tell Andy not to rain on your parade :)


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