Thursday, April 5, 2012

new handbag

Yay, I made myself a new handbag, which is from Grand Revival's Flea Market Bag pattern, below. I made the small size with shoulder bag length straps and the optional petal ties.

It replaces this sad old grubby thing made from the same pattern probably about three years ago, using fabric left over from blinds that were made for our bedroom window. Dear bag, what a good bag you have been. Time to rest.

Fabrics are an Anna Maria Horner quilting cotton remnant I bought with this in mind maybe a year ago, and some Heather Ross moons which I adore and had left over from my quilt last year. I used some sturdy iron-on interfacing on the outer fabric which is making it feel a little crisp now but I'm sure will soften up with use. 
Button is a single beauty from my stash acquired during a brief eBay-old-button-frenzy.

I made the inner pocket larger and put a zip in, so that I don't have, you know, Ladies' Things falling out all over the place.
I've never done a zip pocket before and just improvised, sewing the zip into a cutout I made like this:

  And here are those petal ties which is something I particularly love about this pattern.
look at those happy little moons
 Ah, new handbag. A simple daily pleasure.
New handbag came to school sports day today. I particularly like this photo of Charlie.

Doesn't it look like he is quietly summoning strength as the only red team member in view? Ommmmm....   
(We didn't win but much fun was had by all.)

- Jane x


  1. What a useful bag. I love the fabric and the petal ties.

  2. Lovely bag, Jane. I an really into yellow at the moment, so love the fabric you used. Cx

  3. I ABSOLUTELY love your bag. This is so on my list to do. When my current bag hits the dust ( it already has , it`s peeling everywhere but I always keep things way past their use by date - the very green side to me ) I want to sew one with my large bag of acquired scraps - it makes lots of sense. Hopefully a cloth bag will be better for the environment too than buying another one.

  4. I made this bag myself when I started sewing again. I made it out of remnants and gave it to my sister. She gets comments on it all the time. Yours looks great - love the fabric and the zip pocket is a great addition.

  5. Great purse! I love the colors, and the long straps! Very practical and pretty.

    And if I had a dollar for every time "Ladies' Things" fell out of my purse ... all I can say is that having a zipper pocket is only the first step; you also have to zip it closed. FYI.

  6. Love the bag - great fabric choices (as usual!)

  7. Love the bag! Yes, a zipper will keep ladies things from FALLING out, however it will not stop an inquisative 2 year old from unzipping it, pulling out the ladies things and throwing them all over the car / floor / cafe etc......;)

  8. Nothing like a new bag to brighten the spirits and I love the moon fabric. I've used the Rapunzel one (from the same collection) before. It smells so nice?!?! Incidentally, I grew up listening to the Rapunzel story on an audiobook and I never realized it had been narrated by an Australian. I always wondered why I repeated 'Rapunzel, let down your golden hair' in such an unusual accent until my dad recently told me that the tape we used to listen to was from Australia.

  9. I love that bag, such cute fabric! And that last photo cracks me up.

  10. Loving the new bag, especially the colours. Beth :0)


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