Wednesday, December 14, 2011

one, one hundred and a holiday

This little blog turns one on the 18th of December, although it started with such a crap first post the date seems hardly worth celebrating. Our little family however will, on that day, be in the blissful world of the un-connected somewhere on the north coast of Kangaroo Island.

Spookily enough, this is actually my one hundredth post. How did that work out?

In light of these vaguely interesting numbers, I'd like to take a few centimetres of cyberspace to say thank you to all the lovely people I have connected with via this space in the last (almost) year. I'm immensely grateful for the internet that allows the connection of like-minded souls across the world or around the corner. I love youse all *sob~hic~invade personal space~collapse in corner*

I started this blog for two reasons:

1. to keep a record of the things I sewed
2. to better join in the online sewing/crafting/parenting community.

Well yay, mission accomplished!

Additionally, it's encouraged me to take more photos and in particular, keep a journal in pictures and words of our boys as they grow and do all the silly things they do.

Other blogs have taught me and inspired me so much and I hope I'm 'giving back' a little too. I feel more committed to trying to live mindfully and sustainably. I like how this little space reminds me of the wonderful things I have in my life, and of what's really important.

And now back to our regularly scheduled frivolity... I think it's time for a picture of something completely juvenile. I call this "from our fertile garden".
two garlics and a um, leek
We'll be back right before the big man comes down the chimney.

- Jane x


  1. Yay, congrats! I started on the 20th last year so we can celebrate together! :-)

  2. I love youse too!
    And that last picture is hilarious!

  3. I'm really glad I discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading it! Congrats on the 100 posts and 1 year blogiversary. Enjoy your holiday!

  4. Congratulations on both your 1 and 100 from just around the corner! Hooray for blogging! x

  5. Lovely post Jane....I have enjoyed reading your blog over the last couple of months :-)

  6. Two onions and a leek! Hahahahaha. You would fit right in my house. Happy anniversary! Hard to believe you've only been at it a year! You're right at home in blogland.

  7. I'm new (ish) to reading your blog, but it's a lovely place to visit and I look forward to many future hours of enjoyable reading and general stalking ;) Hope you have a lovely break. Beth/The Linen Catx

  8. Happy blog birthday Jane! I'm so happy I found your blog. I enjoy reading it - I mean, where else can you find such amusing veggies?

  9. Happy blogiversary! I hope you have a lovely holiday!


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