Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bringing the butterflies

Have you ever tried to photograph a butterfly?

It's a bit like photographing a toddler.

These milkweeds, or swan plants, came from my mum. She grows them to attract the Wanderer butterfly. They have those fabulous yellow, white and black caterpillars which are fascinating to the kids and even to a caterpillar-phobe like me. Later, they decorate the plants, neighbouring plants and nearby windowframes of our house with their superb blue-and-gold cocoons. Then hatch, to begin the cycle again elsewhere.

Thank goodness for digital cameras, so I can snap away and eventually catch the right moment. You can even see a tiny white egg on a leaf here.

I believe they travel far, these butterflies, hence their name. One day perhaps you'll see one of 'our' butterflies at your place. We're keeping this one at home for a bit longer, though.

- Jane x

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