Friday, November 7, 2014

I mended Andy's jeans

Inspired by these beautiful denim repairs, found via this blog post, I repaired Andy's jeans. I cut a patch from a pair in our rag pile, held it in place on the inside and pinned it well from the front, then hand stitched with perle cotton.

He'll either love it or hate it... these will either be embraced back into the fold of regular wear or quietly disappear. Admittedly, visible crotch repair would probably be more palatable when teamed with visible repairs to other areas of the garment, which these jeans did not need yet. Time will tell.

- Jane x


  1. Nice!!! It's pretty subtle, really. Hopefully he'll wear them! Report back!

    1. I will :) He accepted them with vague polite enthusiasm but I will wait and see. (In case I am making Andy sound nasty he's so totally not, but he is just very particular about what he wears, which would surprise a lot of people since to the casual observer it appears he wears pretty much the same thing every day, but that's part of the particular-ness!)

  2. Love this - I used to embroider flowers over the holes in my bright, thick, cotton tights when I was an art student, as a result I made them last years but probably looked a bit odd with my embroidered legs!! (I was generally quite odd, so I doubt anyone noticed, they were probably already distracted by the vintage clothes and bowler hat with fake flowers on that I also wore every day!- I always consolled myself that old ladies liked my outfits) Bethxx


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