Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Monday at The Block

It's raining, it's pouring
it's getting somewhat boring
we mustn't complain
about the rain
even in school holidays and hey at least we got out on Monday and anyway the kids have been taking it in turns to succumb to some fever sore throat thing and lie on the couch lah dee dah something ending with 'oring'.

Yes. At least we got out on Monday to my parents' block!
 My dad recently had this huge fire pit thing fashioned by an engineer.

 Fungi aplenty in various shapes and colours.
 My favourites, the sundews.
 Echidna diggings - there was a heap along one of the paths, perhaps they like the soft ground after lots of rain. Look, nose holes!
 Clem making a strange face (this hardly looks like him) but he thought these hakea nuts looked like ducks.

 'Bug words' inside bark. (Clem said they are writing 'yum'.)

 Can you spot the red, red robin below?
 Clem and Grandpa found this old jar.
 Cleaned up a bit, it had cup and pint measurements on the sides. (Can't be too old since I assume that is metric cups, but it felt like treasure.)

We had sausages and potatoes and damper for lunch and spent a lot of time wandering about picking up fallen branches and putting them on the fire to help reduce the summer bushfire risk. Honestly I can look at the world with a vastly improved attitude after a day like this. And I'm trying to hang onto that feeling this grey, grey week! Is it grey where you are?

- Jane x


  1. Looks a good day, despite the greyness and at least you had that fantastic fire to keep you warm. I thought the first fungi were canon balls, which made me wonder what the next photo was going to be! I had visions of the boys firing them off.
    No greyness here but the windows are rattling because it's windy, which makes me feel cold even though the sun shining.

  2. Sounds like the perfect day - love all your photos.
    We've been having absolutely beautiful weather (sorry!) - clear blue skies and quite warm (20C) - today's windy and cold though. And it's ever so dry - I've had to water my garden! We can swap some sun for some rain :-)

  3. Not grey, but cold.

    That's a pretty cool fire pit.

    It looks like a great day was had by all.

  4. Sad but I look with envy at your wonderful cooler photos (and very nice photos they are too!). Our heatwave continues....I think it's just we aren't geared up for it, you don't expect sun and humidity here in the UK, at least not for long periods so things aren't designed that way. Still, the boys break up for the long summer holidays on Wednesday and I'm thinking of being a regular visitor to my sister's house (she has a pool!!) she will be thrilled ;) Bethx


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