Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Liberty's day out

Where should a five-year-old wear his brand new Liberty shirt?

To see prize-winning alpacas.

To exchange gazes with poultry.

To eat his first-ever, much-anticipated bag of fairy floss (in the cow stalls).

To milk a cow.

And see cream churned into butter. 

 To watch the wood chopping from the safety of his Dadda's lap.

And of course, to roll about inside a large inflatable ball on water.

We all spent a great family day at the Royal Adelaide Show, and a certain someone had a pretty fabulous time until of course there were tears and a fair old meltdown and we made our way homeward.

The shirt, which I finished the night before at Clem's insistence, is from the Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt & Shorts pattern. I made the size 6 which fits this 5 & 3/4 boy well, except I would add a bit of length to the body next time. Instead of doing a full button front I cut the front piece on the fold and added a small placket up the top so the shirt just pulls on over his head. The placket was actually cut from the sleeve placket pattern piece of my Hawthorn dress! I made it a bit longer so the opening was a bit bigger.

The outfit Clem put together for our day out also included his 'animal and fruit shorts'. "You see, things from up in the air on top, and on the ground down the bottom!" was his logic. Couldn't really object to that.

The shirt fabric is a Liberty Tana Lawn from the shop, and it goes by the curious name of 'Ranga'. It's from their seasonal range. I was cutting a dress for myself from the fabric (you know, shop sample of course) and Clem begged and begged me to make him a shirt out of it too. Eek. He'd better not develop too much of a taste for Liberty! But he loves it, and I love him in it.

- Jane x


  1. I wondered about the shorts/shirt combination but now completely understand the concept! Clem has expensive tastes, but hey if your mother has unlimited fabric at her disposal, then why not.
    Looks like a wonderful day.

    1. Yes I would have chosen different shorts but it wouldn't have had such a great explanation. Had to let him go with it. And the shirt can do dual duty as a shop sample too!

  2. Got to love a boy in Liberty. Hugo wears his Capel shirt all the time.
    Lidia is terribly keen to try the floating balls on Thursday.

    Well done, it looks fab.

    1. Enjoy the Show on Thursday! And yes, I agree, a boy in Liberty is just lovely. Hugo has good taste!

  3. What is the wood chopping? Isn't dangerous?

    Nice shirt and a lovely boy!

  4. Ooh it looks fabulous - and so does Clem in it! Great job Jane xxx

  5. Clem has the best taste!! And yes, obviously those shorts were the best possible complement.

    I love the placket neckline. I'm trying to figure out how that's done, honestly, I don't know that I know how to construct a placket neckline. Might have to remedy that.

  6. That day sounds and looks like any child's idea of the perfect day x

    He got to milk a cow! Cool :-)


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