Tuesday, August 28, 2012

so we've reached that stage

Tonight the big boys attended a two-part information session at school: part one was "How We Began" and part two was "Puberty Clues". You get the picture.

Charlie was typically quiet about the idea of going. Jasper stood in the kitchen bouncing a rubber ball filled with a 3D underwater scene and said "I think they have these every year and last year it was about S - E - X!" (Nervous giggle.) "What's a pubicle?"

Ah, wouldn't you love to have overheard the schoolyard chatter which led to that?

I would have liked to have gone but we had no babysitter.

Andy went into the fray and Clem and I stayed home and made cupcakes.

The session was apparently excellent, pitched just perfectly for the upper primary audience. The big boys were bouncing off the walls when they got home. It certainly seemed to have snapped the eleven year old out of a silent afternoon funk. I almost expected them to come home changed somehow but they were still just my boys.

Phew. Well, that's done. And I'm still giggling like a silly schoolkid at pubicle.

- Jane x


  1. Do you think you might go into a pubicle for a Brazilian wax?

  2. Okay, that has got to be the greatest word ever...pubicle. It almost made me spit my coffee out!

  3. I hope it went well! My 11 year old son is doing a full term of Health for grade 6. They were told if they felt embarrassed saying a word, to wait three seconds and then say it, controls the giggles and blushes apparently :)

  4. Oh man, too funny! Publicle is my new favorite word!

  5. Bahaha!!! Pubicle!!! I'm so not looking forward to Mr almost-8 reaching that point...

  6. Oh, love it!
    I took my biggest two to those sessions last year - think I giggled more than they did!

  7. Pubicle! *Snicker.* That's awesome. As far as the near-pubescent kiddos, I am glad you are forging ahead of me, Jane, and can report back and let me know what I have in store. Good luck!

  8. Back in the dark ages, when I was 11 and in 5th grade, the girls were sent to watch a film put out by the makers of sanitary napkins. To keep the boys busy (what do 11-year-old boys really need to know, was the thinking then) they watched while the biology teacher dissected a dead cat. We were all scarred for life. Sounds like your school does a better job.

    1. Trying and failing to come up with a witty reply to this... I think it wins Best Comment 2012!


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