Wednesday, January 18, 2012

some pre-blog sewing

That's a very dull post title isn't it? My apologies.

Seriously, with Andy overseas and three kids home on holidays, plus playdates, appointments and squeezing in some paid work, my brain is about the consistency of the lovely new lot of corn-fibre toy stuffing that arrived today.

Quick, a photo.
You know when you take a piece of exquisite fabric, and cut it just so, to use almost every scrap, and create a piece of clothing that you think your child looks utterly edible in?

So of course, child refuses to wear it? Yeah.

I made this over a year ago from some precious Liberty Tana Lawn - a half metre from eBay - to a pattern I sort-of traced from an existing top. It has French seams, side splits, neck binding painstakingly unpicked and re-applied to make it perfect. He's probably worn it about five times. So when he actually chose it from his wardrobe recently I had to take some photos.

Have you ever hugged a child wearing Liberty Tana Lawn next to their skin? I highly recommend it as one of life's most delicious sensations.

A disclaimer for the following photo: the clothes sit better than this when there is not a gale-force wind plastering them to me. Top and skirt both made, I think, pre-blog.
Top: New Look 6808 in a Japanese double-sided double gauze. This is really comfy and totally doesn't need the invisible zip I painstakingly inserted down one side as per the pattern, but then I like it loosely fitted. I added the contrast band down the bottom, and put an old glass button on the collar instead of the bow in the pattern. I thought a bow would be a bit twee added to the whole picnic tablecloth effect I have going on here. I think this pattern would look good extended down in an A-line shape to make a dress, don't you?

Skirt: Anna Maria Horner Proper Attire Skirt in a bamboo denim that I have used previously for Charlie's shorts.  I love this skirt, wear it to death and this photo does not do it justice at all. It's a reminder of how much wear I get from really good, plain basics. It's fully-lined, has great pockets and a really lovely shape.

The waistband is cut on the bias and the denim has a lot of stretch, even though interfaced. Next time I'd take the time to hang the cut waistband up to stretch then re-cut... a technique I saw somewhere and can't Google-find now, drat.

The photo above was taken on a day out at the Barossa Valley. It's a world-famous wine region but you can guess how much fun it is going wine tasting with the three boys in tow. One of the best parts was visiting a sculpture park set at a lookout with views over the whole valley. The boys had fun on, in and around the sculptures.

That Witchard, he gets around the place! (Oh yeah, he'll wear the dress-up garment made of nasty synthetic stuff... but I'm not complaining about that.)

- Jane x


  1. Loving your pre-blog sewing, especially the top. The comment re synthetic dress-up verses lovingly homemade did make me laugh out loud, that's exactly what my boys would be like but at least you do sew for yours! Beth (the linen cat)x

  2. I love gingham and I think that top is great! I'm still to scared to make my own clothes. My eldest will only wear homemade around the house! The little one has no choice! x Linda.

  3. Love that top - I have that pattern sitting on my desk - I must make it. and yes Liberty is so beautiful next to the skin.

  4. _ am endlessly frustrated by the fact that the chldren don't often wear the clothes sew for them. _'ve all but gven up. BTW 've just notced that some of the letters on my eyboard are not worng whch s why ths comment s rddled wth mstaes. Qute funny really. really le your top and can see ths pattern used as a dress. Very groovy.

  5. Top photo .... utterly edible indeed!

    ... and I love your New Look top - it would be gorgeous as an A-line dress too. Great inspiration - I'd like to give it a try once I lose the enormous bump that is my unborn bub (i'm a heffalump at the moment!).

    Thanks for the lovely pics, as always :-)

  6. Three kids with a husband out of town? You're exhausting me just thinking about it!
    And yes, and I can completely relate to a child refusing to wear something that you carefully handmade. It hits a little too close to home actually :) The shirt is absolutely gorgeous though. Maybe now that he's experienced the joys of liberty tana lawn he's wear it all the time (I know I would!).

  7. I love that outfit and your hair looks so cute, new cut? I hope you survive until your husband gets home!

    1. Oh thanks, yes new haircut, there is actually a fringe there that's being blown away :)
      We are surviving and although it's stressful being on my own with the kids, especially in school holidays, I think I'd rather be here than on some lonely business trip. Well that's what I keep telling myself!

  8. I always know that visiting your blog will put a smile on my face. Lovely sewing!

    1. Oh thank you Emma, that put a smile on my face!


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