Saturday, March 19, 2011

simple and satisfying sews

In the last two days I've managed to complete three separate sewing projects. Look, I sewed a real cat!
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These fluffy faces (well the green ones) are 'Softies for the children of Christchurch'.  When I bought the chenille from Simply Fabrics (on Magill Road here in Adelaide), the lady at the counter asked me what I was making. When I said toys for Christchurch, she gave me a most generous discount. What a lovely gesture.

I am keeping an eye out for any crafting donation plans for Japan now. If anyone hears of any, please let me know.

I also made a few of these key fobs, which I like very much.

I received a kit for one as a lovely bonus in a fabric order from here. It's great because it's lightweight but standout enough to make it easy to locate, and you can slip your hand through the loop rather than clutching a bunch of keys. A friend at work mentioned she'd like a couple and I bought a whole bunch of the makings just lately. I had in mind the Heather Ross moon fabric and it worked beautifully, if I do say so myself. A couple have made their way into our key bowl and these I will offer to my friend at work to select from.

This morning I looked at my old, old pillowcase and declared it disgusting. So I whipped these up.
fabric is 'Betty Dear' by Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kaufman
They go with precisely nothing in our bedroom. However I hope they'll give me the inspiration to continue sprucing up that space.

Do you like our lawn? After watching a movie featuring a French country manor, we decided it's not completely overgrown and unkempt. It's simply 'French style'.

- Jane  x


  1. I absolutely LOVE the pillows you made. Such cute fabric.
    And for the record, I prefer french style grass over the short spikey kind any day. :)

  2. Thanks Haylee - I'm not normally much of a floral person but that fabric just appealed for some reason. Glad you like our grass!


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