Saturday, December 18, 2010

a very basic start

Hello blogworld. I've come to play. I hope I can work out how to make this place look a little prettier soon.

My blog title? Courtesy of 3-year-old Clem, who sings the tricky bit in the middle of the alphabet just like that.

So here it is, a very basic start indeed.

What do I intend to post about? My sewing adventures, because I enjoy so many other people's sewing blogs, and I don't want to wear out all my Facebook friends with more sewing posts. My family, because I adore them. Stuff. I guess it's like keeping a diary.

I suspect I will want to improve my photography skills, too. I see so many beautiful photos on people's blogs.

Now, before this becomes completely boring ramble rather than 'basic start', it's time to end my start. Bye for now.

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